Photo Gallery: A World of Unfairness 2016 – The Results

I'm Fine
This is a self portrait I took for my third year project called I’m Fine. It is aimed to challenge peoples perception of beauty in the media.

1st Place

Ms Rebecca Dan (University of the Creative Arts – Farnham)

Train of thought
Whilst travelling up and down the country on various means of public transport I still notice the difficulties many disabled people suffer with.

2nd Place

Mr Adam Mennell (University of Cumbria)

Eating disorders and Me
Eating disorders and Me. This was a self portrait taken in my second year of Univeristy. After struggling with an eating disorder for almost nine years I decided to express how I felt about my own condition.

3rd Place

Ms Charlotte May Meddins (Aberystwyth University)

It is our aim to profile each and every one of our fabulous and moving entries in the press and galleries.

Details of the prize giving and associated event will be announced on our website shortly.

As the Managing Director of Disability Talk I wish to extend my thanks to all our entrants and to all our judges. I hope that what we are achieving and what we intend to achieve will make a great difference to the lives of disabled people.

Christopher Jordan (Managing Director – Disability Talk)


Deidre Sanders (The SUN)

Professor Stephen Hawking

Gordon Farmiloe (CEO: Care in Bathing)

Louise Dyson (CEO: VisABLE People)

Zelda West Meads (Mail on Sunday)

Angel Sinclair (Founder; Models of Diversity)

Leane Smith (General Manager: Orbis Insurance)

Gail Scott-Spicer (CEO: Carers Trust)

Sir Bert Massie

Mark Winstanley (CEO; Rethink Mental Illness)

Chelsey Jay (Disabled Model)

Daniel Stone (CEO: TGA Mobility)

Eileen Grubba (Hollywood actress)

Matthew Main (CEO: Simply Health)