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Helen Williams
Helen Williams



“I am aiming to bring you a number of interviews with the people who matter- that’s you!

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Interview questions.

Name. Rachel.

Age. 60

Q. How did you choose your name.

A. I always wanted that name.

Q. Crossdresser, full or part time.

A. Part time.

Q. If not full time, would you like to be.

A. I ask myself that question every day and still don’t know the answer.

Q. How long have you been dressing.

A. Most of my life, but much more seriously in the past 9 years.

Q. Single or married.

A. Married.

Q. Do family and friends know.

A. No.

Q. If yes, how are they about you.


Q. If full time, how long for, and have you had surgery or hormones.


Q. Any problems with surgery, or side effects from hormones.


Q. Employed, or not working.

A. Self employed.

Q. If working, how did work handle your transition.


Q. Are you happy with your job, or would you change it if you could.

A. Happy.

Q. Any difficult moments, or any times when you felt isolated, bullied or rejected by friends or family.

A. None.

Q. Any scary moments in public.

A. None.

Q. Favourite make up.

A. Mac, Max Factor, Clinique.

Q. Favourite clothes and shops.

A. Next, River Island and occasionally M&S.

Q. Do you attend any events/night clubs.

A. Miss TV Scotland, occasionally the Way Out Club, but more often than not just out in public.

Q. Any preference for relationships, male or female.

A. Female.

Q. Have your interests in male/female things changed.

A. When dressed as a female I enjoy the attention of men, but not otherwise.