A Choice??



Research shows that the basic template for the body and brain of a human foetus is female in its structure. As a result, men have some redundant female features such as nipples. Men also have mammary glands which do not function but retain the potential to produce milk. There are thousands of recorded cases of lactation in male prisoners of war where starvation led to a diseased liver failing to break down the hormones essential for breast feeding. A Choice??

Six to eight weeks after conception, a male foetus (XY) receives a massive dose of male hormones called androgens which form the testes, and then a second dose to alter the brain from a female format to a male configuration. If the male foetus does not receive enough male hormones at the appropriate time, one of two things may happen.

Firstly, a baby boy may be born with a brain structure that is more feminine than masculine, in other words, a boy who will most likely be gay by puberty.

Secondly, a genetic boy may be born with a fully functioning female brain and a set of male genitals. This person will be transgender. This is a person who is biologically male but feeling if he is a female. Sometimes a genetic male is born with a set of both male and female genitals.

Geneticist ANNE MOIR in her book BRAINSEX documents the many cases of genetic boys being born looking like girls and being raised as girls, only suddenly to find that they have a penis and testicles that ‘appear’ at puberty.

Female to male transsexuals go through a similar process with a more masculine brain, but were given a female body.


Transsexuals feel from early childhood that they were born in the wrong sex body. The area in the brain essential for sexual behaviour is called the hypothalamus and this area is markedly smaller in women than in men.

Researcher DICK SWAAB and his team from the Netherlands Institute for Brain Research were the first in 1995 to show that the hypothalamus in male transsexuals was female-sized or smaller.
This further confirms research showing that gender identity stems from an interaction between the developing brain and sex hormones. This theory was first proposed by German Scientist Dr. GUNTHER DORNER who found that the hypothalamus of homosexual men responded in the exact same way as a female hypothalamus when injected with female hormone. SWAAB reported, “our study is the first to show a female brain structure in genetically male transsexuals” … in other words, it’s a woman’s brain trapped in a man’s body.

The psychiatric term for a transgender person is that they are suffering GENDER IDENTITY DISORDER and around 20% of these people undergo the sex-change operation. This involves removing the testicles and cutting the penis in half lengthways and removing the inside tissue. The penis skin remains attached, the urethral tube is realigned and the skin from the penis is then folded inside a surgically made cavity to line an artificial vagina. In some cases, the head of the penis becomes the clitoris and is capable of orgasm.

Tragically the suicide rate for transsexuals is five times that of the general population. One in five attempt suicide.

GAYS, LESBIANS AND TRANSSEXUALS DO NOT CHOOSE THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION ANY MORE THAN HETEROSEXUALS DO. Scientists and most human sexuality experts agree that it is an orientation that is unchangeable. Researchers believe that the sexual orientation develops in the womb and that patterns are firmly fixed by around age five and that it is outside the control of the person.


If it were a choice, as many proclaim, why would any intelligent person choose a way of life that exposes them to so much hostility, prejudice and discrimination? Hormones are responsible, not human choices.

If the public understood this, then gays, lesbians and transsexuals would not as have as many problems with self-esteem and would be treated with more dignity and far less rejection and ridicule. Ignorance on both sides keeps both apart.