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Disabled woman told she’ll lose car

Disabled woman told she’ll lose car that allows her to work after ‘degrading’ DWP assessment

Denise Haddon has worked since she was 16. Now Iain Duncan Smith’s department say they’re taking away the car that allows her to do her job
Disabled woman told she'll lose car that allows her to work after 'degrading' DWP assessment

Denise has been told she'll lose her Motability car on January 6th

A disabled woman who has worked all her life has been told she will lose the Motability car that allows her to do her job, after being subjected to a ‘degrading’ capability assessment.

Denise Haddon, 50, cannot walk more than 20 meters without severe pain.

She has been given less than a month’s notice that the vehicle that gives her independence will be taken away after an assessment for Iain Duncan Smith’s new Personal Independence Payments (PIP).

Denise, who has worked since she was 16, was born with a condition called bilateral femoral focal dysplasia and reached her full height of 3ft 8 inches when she was a teenager.

The condition causes her painful problems with the lower part of her body, her hips, legs, ankles and feet.

Currently working as an Inclusion Manager in child protection at a primary school in Derby, she said: “I’ve worked all my adult life but now, following my PIP assessment, I’m being told I will lose my Motability car; the one thing that gives me the independence to get to and from my job and travel to meetings.”

The Work and Pensions Secretary introduced PIP as part of a raft of cuts to welfare. It replaces Disability Living Allowance (DLA), and has left many disabled people struggling to make ends meet as their income plummets by up to £30 a week.

The Department for Work and Pensions said her assessment had been carried out correctly and Denise no longer qualifies for the car.

Even existing DLA claimants have to submit to the “inhumane” test, carried out by outsourcing giant Capita, before they are able to claim the new benefit.

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