My new project Accessible Traveller

Travelling can be so expensive, don’t you think? Why should it be even more expensive for those who just need a bit of extra help?

What if I told you Accessible Traveller can help make it affordable…? Click here for more information.

Once you’ve chosen your destination, Accessible Traveller will do all their best to make it as affordable as possible. Don’t worry though, we’ll consider everything you’ll need (such as equipment hire and accessible accommodation).

Did you know Accessible Traveller is actually run by a wheelchair user (that’s me by the way!)? So don’t panic, I know exactly what you will and will not need.

This is how we plan to make your holiday as affordable as possible:

– We’ll conduct interviews with accessible travel experts and businesses, whether they’re holiday reps, equipment suppliers or just seasoned disabled travellers. Either way, they’ll give their advice and recommendations on affordable ways to travel.

– We’ll provide you with accessible equipment guides and supplier directories. We’ll try and find you the cheapest way to get exactly what you need.

– Discounts on as many products and services as possible…

…We’ve already arranged a deal with a leading insurance company, several disability travel agents and some leading providers of accessible equipment who are willing to give all of our subscribers discounted rates!

We are determined to make your holiday as affordable as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Become an Accessible Travel subscriber by clicking here.

Best wishes,


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