Meeting Professor Stephen Hawking

Meeting Professor Stephen Hawking

On Tuesday, 25th of October 2016, in his Cambridge Study, Professor Stephen Hawking awarded Rebecca Dann her first prize in our Photographic competition. “A World of Unfairness”

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Professor Stephen Hawking awarded Rebecca Dann her first prize in our Photographic competition. “A World of Unfairness”Chris Jordan, founder of Disability Talk said, “I have never been more nervous in my life. Professor Stephen Hawking is my hero and to meet him in his study was so inspiring. I’m really pleased that we created our photographic competition to profile our UK students’ thoughts on disability”.




Rebecca Dann, the winner of “A World of Unfairness” said, “I was very nervous, but it was amazing just being in his I'm Finepresence. It didn’t feel real. We were presented to him as he was part of the judging panel and had been quoted as saying that my piece was ‘truly inspirational’. When I found out what he had said I was just shocked. It didn’t feel real the thought of him seeing my photo”.

Eileen Grubba

Eileen Grubba, a Hollywood actress who contributes “Views From America” to the Disability Talk website, flew over from Los Angeles especially for the ceremony. She said, “Meeting Professor Hawking was an incredible experience. We fight so hard for disability inclusion in Hollywood, so sharing our cause with the most influential person with a disability, IN THE WORLD , is a game changer. I will never forget the compassionate look in his eyes.”.


Rebecca Dann studied at the ‘University of Creative Arts’ in Farnham. To see the full gallery of entries please visit

Rebecca Dann with Professor Stephen HawkingRebecca titled her photograph “I’m Fine”. This was her perception of beauty. “I’m often told I have a pretty face and an ugly back”, she said. “With regard to photography I don’t really know what started it. I just loved taking photos from a young age and then I did it at school and again at college. It was something I was already working on, so the competition came at a perfect time. I was wanting to do it for a while but never had the confidence to do it”.

(All photos in The Professor’s office are accredited to the Cambridge News)

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