Insurance Services

All insurance contracts are written in ‘utmost good faith’. This means that the insurer is putting the onus on you to declare anything that may affect your insurance. It is therefore necessary to declare any pre-existing medical conditions. However, contrary to popular opinion, this does not mean you are going to have to pay an astronomical premium.

There are specialist insurance intermediaries such as our sponsors, Orbis Insurance Services, who provide a unique service for people with medical conditions. They source the best product available for you using a panel of insurers who assess cases on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, many people do not realise the necessity to declare a medical condition on a travel insurance policy until they have had a bad experience. ‘Medical conditions’ as a term cover a wide spectrum from minor conditions such as asthma and hypertension, to the more severe including heart attacks and cancers.  Whilst it is hard to forget a heart attack, most may not think it is relevant to declare that they are taking pills for raised blood pressure.

In addition you may have a travel insurance policy as part of your bank card benefits.  In the main, these policies have a general exclusion for medical conditions which is not drawn to your attention until the point you need to make a claim.

When planning a holiday the last thing you want to be doing is worry over the impact your medical condition could have on your travel insurance policy. By enlisting the help of a specialist insurance provider you can insure that they will provide you with a tailored policy that suits your requirements and needs. Similarly, with other insurance products such as life, home and motor, there are insurance policies out there. Here is a list of providers and links that may help you when considering insurance: