In-Depth Surveys

Sex and DisabilityIt is estimated that over 10% of British men have paid for sex at least once. And that would mean over 200,000 disabled men have used the services of an escort.

But statistics can be deceptive… because disabled men are more unlikely to be able to visit a sex worker. Those that have movement problems, learning disorders or a lack of social skills may be unable to make the necessary arrangements.

And, a survey in 2007, found that 70% of people would not consider having a sexual relationship with someone who had a physical disability.

But their desires are the same as a normal adult… in fact, some may argue, because they are unlikely to form as easily a normal and intimate relationship, their needs are greater. Read more…


A recent study, carried out by Professor Marian Knight at the Nuffield Department of Population (University of Oxford) has found that in the UK today, almost one in every 100 babies is still born or dies soon after birth.
Also, up to 100 women die every year or just after pregnancy. These figures are unusually high for a developed country.

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