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Welcome to my first blog on this site.

I have recently returned from the Sparkie weekend in Manchester, which I have been going to since 2008. The event now covers 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and just gets better each year.

A lot of girls make it a bit of a holiday and are around all week. I arrived on the Thursday, and there were already a lot of girls there. Unfortunately the weather was not too kind to us this year, but it didn’t dampen our spirits, and Canal Street and the girls looked very colourful, and some of the outfits were very diverse, from the girl next door, too glamorous, and some just totally amazing. High heels, some extraordinarily high, were exchanged for flats during the day to save the feet for the heels again during the evening. The rains came again on Saturday and it didn’t stop for long in between showers, and the grass in the park became quite muddy with a lot of heels sinking into the grass. It did nothing to stop everyone from enjoying themselves from under their umbrellas; after all, some girls can only get out a few times a year so nothing was going to stop a good time.

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