Heather Mills

Heather Mills

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Later that year in 1994, Heather produced a tribute video and song ( written and sung by Colin Hay) to George Best. It reached number 1 on iTunes in 10 countries helping raise funds and awareness for The Donor Family Network, a leading donor family charity in the transplant community.

Heather then became a Patron and founder of the United Nations Association. Becoming its Goodwill Ambassador for Adopt-A-Minefield / No More Landmines which was created in response to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, Heather and her team raised funds to clear 21 million square meters of mine filled land in numerous war torn countries.

In 1998 Heather became a fundraiser for The Calvert Trust and helped families with disabilities stay together on an integrated holiday.

In 1996 Heather was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Heather went on to establish herself as a respected leading Public and Motivational Speaker www.heathermills.org/motivational-speaking/ as well a counsellor www.heathermills.org/counselling/  for war victims and individuals that have endured traumatic experiences.

In 2001 Heather helped arrange The New York State Benefit Concert for the firemen and people of NY after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, raising $60 million, after witnessing the Twin towers being hit when on a plane at JFK airport.

In the same year she made an awareness and fundraising trip firstly to India after the devastating Gujarat earthquake, and then to Vietnam that resulted in 5,000 limbs, essential medical equipment and makeshift hospital tents being donated to earthquake victims along with computers for disabled children in Cambodia unable to reach schools.

In 2002 Heather established a clinic in Sierra Leone with Ed Pennington Ridge to fit low cost limbs by using local recyclable materials for amputees, helping people of the community with little or no money to recover and try to live as normal a life as possible.

In 2005 she fronted the national launch of World Blood Donor Day, shooting a TV commercial and providing a platform for the need for internationally safe blood.


In the same year her anti-animal abuse campaign for PETA targeted the use of dogs and cats fur that led to J. Crew stores in the USA ending fur sales in stores across America.

In 2007 Heather and her team after years of campaigning and collecting 250,000 petition signatures, created a European Parliament Ban on the import, export and trade of dog and cat fur from China.

Also in 2007 Heather’s undercover investigation into farming’s hidden horrors ended Marks and Spencer’s use of cruelty, stopping the purchase of intensively farmed pigs.

In 2009 Heather launched her, now world famous, vegan food company VBites, www.heathermills.org/vbites-a-vegan-food-company/ repeatedly named the UK’s most ethical Vegan food supplier. VBites now has over 74 award winning products in its range, exports to 24 countries and is Kosher, Halal and Pareve certified.

Heather was asked to join the board as Honorary Chairwoman for Hunts Point Alliance for Children(HPAC), who’s mission is to work with families to support the educational progress of the children of Hunts Point. Aside from Heather playing a key part she donated $1million of healthy food to Hunts Point. In 2009, she also became a Board Member for the New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods, a non-profit organisation which was set up to improve the health and wellbeing for students of the Bronx. Heather introduced plant based foods and nutritional education in schools to educate the school communities and opened a free VBites Cafe to provide healthy food for school children of the Bronx.


In 2010 Heather embarked on her Alpine Ski Racing Career after being seen skiing in a straight line down a black run by an ex Olympian ski coach in Austria. In 2011 she was recruited by the British Development Ski Team and then became part of the official British Disabled Ski Team and quickly learned to compete in all 5 disciplines:

Super G, Downhill, Super Combined, Slalom and Giant Slalom.


Heather has an impressive array of medals including:

4 Gold Medals in Aspen, USA for Super G and Downhill, 2012

Gold Medal in Austria Cup Super G, Innerkrems 2012

Bronze Medal in Austria Lackenhof for Super G, 2012

3 Silver Medals and 1 Bronze Medal in Austria, Innerkrems 2013

World Cup Silver Medal in Slalom, New Zealand 2013.

2015 was the year of World Records.

Being the first disabled woman to compete in 4 Alpine dangerous winter sports,

Heather now holds World Records in the Skeleton, Bobsleigh, Ski Jump and has achieved an amazing Speed Ski record of 166.84 km/ph, which makes her officially the fastest disabled woman in the world! www.heathermills.org/world-record-fastest-disabled-woman-on-earth/

Warm, intelligent, witty and extremely courageous, Heather Mills is a household name and since her 1993 accident Heather has had to be very careful to maintain a high level of fitness, especially in relation to her pelvis.

“Pilates is essential to stabilising my pelvis” explains Heather,

“Even twenty years on it is held together by pins and plates and I have to train daily to maintain its strength. Skiing single-legged is not an option as there would be too much torque on my pelvis since it can’t support the pressure. Ski racing and alpine sports in general causes a great deal of pain and discomfort in the region of my amputation, but I have no other option due to my injuries sustained in 1993, than to compete in sport using a prosthetic leg”.

Goal setting Heather, currently training for the Paralympics in Korea 2018, has endured a number of high speed crashes and broken bones throughout her Alpine career and is now determined to stay injury free, and hopes to win a medal at the age of 50.

Heather works closely with her prosthetist Abdo Haider, at the London Prosthetic Centre http://www.heathermills.org/prosthetic-limbs/  to ensure she has the correct fitting prosthetics. It is an ongoing process of development and adjustment, but through her years of experience Heather has gone on to help 1000’s of amputees and has dedicated a page on her website for amputees www.heathermills.org/amputee-resources/