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Views from America

Views from America with Eileen Grubba

Eileen has added some really interesting links at

The PWD’s are getting mad here in America! And I don’t blame them! He is right, even the diversity panels exclude disability. And the other minorities don’t include disability when they discuss diversity either. It is rare to find someone who INCLUDES EVERYONE when speaking, or writing, on the subject of diversity.


I met this kid Rex today, while teaching at Performing Arts Studio West. This is a reminder that there is ALWAYS a super talent that comes with every challenge. We just have to find it, and allow it!

Visit the facebook page for Performing Arts Studio West

Hey guys!
Bold ad agencies are leading the way for ALL inclusive diversity, as evidenced by two Superbowl ads:

Advertisers are realizing the size and value of the disabled community and are finally INCLUDING them! Bravo!!! More please!

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