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Transgender Matters

Transgender MattersWe have released a new “sub” website which is part of Disability Talk named Transgender Matters.

The aim of our website is to give you all, the chance to contribute with your stories, news – and to share information to make our journeys as smooth as possible.

Dear Lyon

I’ve been in a relationship with a man for many years.

He’s now told me he wants to be a woman and I feel devastated and betrayed,

GP Bucks

Dear GP

Let me answer your question by telling you my own story. 16 years ago, I met John who was kind, generous and gentle … we were drawn to each other and fell in love – we decided to live together and still do so. I was so absorbed in my work that I did not know the trauma that John was going through and had been doing so from a very young age. It seems that our relationship was the last attempt at him trying to be male. The only ‘complaint’ I may have had was that John was always looking at other women, not knowing that it was because observation was being made as to how women dress, apply make-up, walk, sit and other female traits.

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