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Latest update: Jeremy Corbyn MP. Leader of the Opposition and Angela Rippon talk to

We asked a number of people for their thoughts and views regarding disabilities.

“We asked them whether they thought the austerity cuts are making us a more mercenary country – and that sharing, volunteering and ‘looking out for each other’ has become less of a priority.

Jeremy Corbyn MP. Leader of the Opposition
Jeremy Corbyn MP. Leader of the Opposition

Thanks so much for writing to Jeremy in his capacity as Leader of the Opposition about rights for disabled people. At this point in time his mailbag is full so he has asked me to reply on his behalf. I will ensure that your comments and contributions as passed on. Apologies foe ant delay in getting back to you, we really do appreciate you taking the time to share your views with us – this will help us in the fight for a fairer, kinder and more just country. Read more…





Angela RipponMy information around disability really concerns those with dementia and their carers. Though through the Alzheimer’s Society always says what is good for people with dementia is good for society as a whole. So I hope my comments will have relevance for you. Read more…

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