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Sarah Storey – Passion and Persistence

Since I started blogging and running Disability Horizons, I’ve recorded a few podcasts. It was with basic technology. But it was nice chatting with friends about disability issues and beyond. I’d never considered interviewing hugely successful disabled people until…

Welcome to The Martyn Sibley Show!Welcome to The Martyn Sibley Show!

As you know I came third in the ‘Power 100’ list of influential and successful disabled people in December. It was great to be personally recognised for my work. Most of all I read about many amazing people and thought…

What if I started a podcast where I interviewed these awesome humans. Would they accept my invitation? Would I grasp the technology? Would anyone listen?

Well. Here we are. I’ve already recorded four interviews. The guests are coming and the technology worked. Now it’s time to see if you like it.

Read more and listen to the podcast.

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