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Purple Power by Martyn Sibley

Green for the environment. Pink for gay people. Purple for disabled people. Purple Power Purple Power

You may have heard of all three colours and their representations. However purple and disability is definitely a newer one for me.

It’s a very clever idea too. For many people, including disabled people, it may be scoffed at. Why will putting a colour next to a group of people, fighting for their rights, help in any way? Well, it simplifies the conversation.

If you are a legal person who cares for people’s human rights, you’ll be pushing the United Nations argument for equality of disabled people. If you are political you’ll be pushing for one of two arguments. Left wingers will say raise taxes and spend more on supporting disabled people. Right wingers will say cut taxes and empower everybody to work (I almost wrote ‘walk’ there), regardless of their ability.

The reality is we need a mixture of all the above, and more. Particularly depending on the individuals personal circumstance.

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Unfortunately we live in a time that doesn’t listen or act upon the more social/human stances. The Conservative government are stripping back Human Rights and welfare spending. It’s not great for disabled people, or anyone born or propelled into unexpected negative circumstances.

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