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Personal Growth and Global Contribution by Martyn Sibley

It’s been a frustrating week. The inevitable winter bugs have arrived. In fact I beat a minor cold three weeks ago. However this particular cough is starting to take the Personal Growth and Global Contributionbiscuit. I’m definitely a bigger fan of summertime.

Of course I’m not the only one. Most of my friends and family have had it too. It’s just a bit more damaging when you can’t cough very well. Plus it’s concerning as to how bad it’ll get. Nonetheless I think I’m winning. No doctors. No antibiotics. No surrender.

Here’s to the bugs leaving any day now!

In other news. Despite not having really left home for 7 days. There’s lots going on.

Work Stuff

After months of research, networking, thinking, scheming and planning; I’ve got a solid view of my work world now.

My work with SMA Support UK and SMA Trust is going great with our Adult Insight Group. Lots of interesting discussions going on there between adults with my condition about life.

Plus my work with Open Inclusion is very interesting. We’re helping big brands to be more accessible and inclusive for disabled customers. Plus I’ve got some other interesting projects in the pipeline with big organisations.

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