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Barely a break

Easter has just scurried past with hardly a blink – do you find that the months go past faster and faster?

To kick off the holiday, I threw together rather a wild flower arrangement of curly twigs and decorative eggs picking up all the bright colours of Spring tulips, narcissi and hyacinths.  It seemed a pity to cut them from the garden but worth it when just a few filled the whole house with their fragrance.

With the Schools on holiday, a couple of young students came to cook with me: Sam from Essex and Luke from Fareham – they were keen to get some recipes under their belts. Our main delight was the gift of four dozen quail eggs delivered by Rodney (the builder) from the small-holding of his brother, Terry. Quail eggs and dipping mix

How to do justice to such an abundance of generosity?  The first dozen or so were soft-boiled, marinaded in soy sauce and then charred in a hot pan.  Ready for dipping in toasted sesame seeds and salt, they were perfect with drinks.

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