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I cannot believe it’s almost March. This year is flying by.

cannot believe it’s almost March. This year is flying by. I’ve been feeling guilty for not writing to you more. However I’ve been hibernating, planning and organising the coming months. Whilst this isn’t conducive to articles, it is going to provide loads of content for you very soon :-)

Apart from my husky dog sledding and general cold antics in Finland, I’ve been mostly at home. One cool thing to mention is I’ve been attending creative writing evening classes (now I’ve really raised the bar hey!). It’s been great to write from my imagination and not just news on my blog. I’d recommend doing anything like this to shake up daily life.

Fortunately my health has behaved so far, and I can almost smell spring now. I’ve had the usual care, equipment, housing and financial anxieties. I guess I’m just learning to focus on what I can effect, and not on the things I can’t. It always helps having close family and friends to pick us up during these testing times.

Work Projects

Most importantly my travel plans and work projects are going full steam ahead.

There have been some changes. Around the turn of the year I stopped working for Accomable, and am focusing more on Disability Horizons and other projects. Srin and I are still in touch, and I wish him lots of luck with that venture.

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Views from America with Eileen Grubba

Thank you, Orlando Jones! Finally someone has the courage to INCLUDE people with physical differences in their Diversity initiatives!

Check out his Huffington post:

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