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New Articles by Martyn Sibley

We have added 2 new interesting articles by Martyn Sibley

Changing the World: For Beginners
Under my email signature it says ‘World Changer’. A very grand statement that can appear arrogant or apply an unnecessary amount of pressure. However my New Articles by Martyn Sibley - Disability Talkinterpretation and intention is neither of these.

At the moment I’m trying to arrange transport in Poland for December. It’s so we can see my Kasia’s parents over Christmas this year. In the summer we usually drive and therefore have the adapted car. Flying to Poland in winter is definitely preferable. Providing you can find a wheelchair accessible vehicle from the airport to your final destination.

Why am I sharing this story? Well, the fact is we will find a way. We always do. It might be perfectly accessible, but a little pricey. It might be cheap, but I’ll need to be lifted out my chair. It might be a friends van where I bounce around in the back with random cargo. Read more…

Don’t Deny Your True Self
When we are growing up our parents and teachers give us guidance. People often debate the benefits of structure v self discovery. Good parents and good teachers give us both. We need enough parameters to get started and have some direction. However we also need space and time to understand ourselves. Our dreams, our likes, our strengths.

Only we can find our true self.

Once we leave education, work tends to replace this. We still have a building to go to, a boss giving us structure, and hopefully room to learn and develop. New Articles by Martyn Sibley - Disability Talk

In recent times this has changed. People work from home. People are self employed. People sometimes stop aspiring, stop learning, and stop developing. We feel it’s for younger people, and there are other ‘more pressing and urgent priorities’ at hand. Read more…

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