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Martyn Sibley has shared some really great tips with us for the Accessible Traveller

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The Accessible Traveller
Martyn Sibley

Which include the below:
My new project Accessible Traveller
Travelling can be so expensive, don’t you think? Why should it be even more expensive for those who just need a bit of extra help?
What if I told you Accessible Traveller can help make it affordable…?

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Accessible Traveller: A brand new solution to the same old problems
Today I have something very exciting and dear to my heart to share with you. It’s my way of helping to make travel accessible to everyone
Accessible Travel Week: Accessible Accommodation

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Are you unsure of the most accessible places to stay when travelling?
Does the thought of staying anywhere other than your bedroom, where you have all your equipment, panic you?
I’m running an awesome social campaign called “Accessible Travel Week” where you can find hints and tips on how to book your dream holiday…

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How To Access Air Travel: 3 Top Tips For Making Your Next Flight Less Stressful
The launch of Accessible Travel Week has been phenomenal.
We’ve had charities and accessible travel blogs sharing our work. People have already been in touch saying how useful the first video was. So without further ado, let’s release the second video and guide – about flying with Virgin Atlantic!
Are you disabled, and have had a lifelong desire to travel the world? Does the thought of accessible air travel put you off the whole idea? Does it all seem too daunting, overwhelming and stressful?

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