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Star Interviews

Cardinal Vincent Nichols – Archbishop of Westminster and Eileen Grubba – Hollywood Actress
We asked a number of people for their thoughts and views regarding disabilities.
“We asked them whether they thought the austerity cuts are making us a more mercenary country – and that sharing, volunteering and ‘looking out for each other’ has become less of a priority.

In their general views we asked them if they could address the following issues:-“

• How can we help the most vulnerable in our society?
• Can religion help?
• How can Government help?
• Is the ‘Big Society’ dead?
• Are we now a less caring community?


London Mayoral Contest

We have asked the 4 leading contestants on how they would make London a better place for disabled people.

Read what they have to say:

Moral Crusades

“Our Managing Director, Christopher Jordan, has written to the four Banks in question.
He states,” no laws have been broken – but is it morally right that taxes needed to fund our public services are not being collected by our treasury?
That’s why I have asked a Senior Officer at each Bank a very pertinent question – as to whether they (and their family and fellow work colleagues) would ever use publicly funded NHS services.


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