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Jenny Seagrove

Jenny Seagrove
Photo by Kate Lloyd

We are delighted that Jenny has agreed to being one of our Judges for this year’s photographic competition “A World of Unfairness”

Jenny Seagrove is a well known English actress who first came to attention playing the lead in a television dramatisation of Barbara Taylor Bradford’s ‘A Woman of Substance’

Since then she has appeared regularly on TV, on Film and in the Theatre

But she has another very important role. In August 2011 she founded the ‘Mane Chance Sanctuary’ after receiving a call from a acquaintance who was no longer able to financially care for her animals. It subsequently led to the formation of the charity later that year. This, in her own words, is how the charity has grown from that crisis to what it is today.

“When the sanctuary was started 5 years ago, it was borne out of crisis. A group of about 80 animals were in trouble as their owner had totally run out of money. As the the first year progressed and the dust settled all but 20 horses were rehomed and a shape began to inform. A pretty unique way of looking after the horses was put in place and a care routine based on real regard and observation of the horses, on every level. We do not believe in negative dominance but rather positive reinforcement, working at the horses pace.

We have always known that horses are special in terms of the horse human connection, and we started visiting ‘The Shooting Star Hospice’, with our little Shetland ponies. The moments of joy that some of their very sick young children got from those visits were breathtaking.

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