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Ignore the Fear. By Martyn Sibley

It’s very hard to get reliable data on the quality of life for disabled people.

Particularly on a global scale. It’s partly hard to define ‘quality of life’, and mostly it’s hard to gather good data as research on the topic is patchy. Ignore the Fear
The media has become very vocal on both the worldly threats to everyone, and also have their own strange take on disability (triumph over tragedy vs benefit scrounger). It’s scary to just look at my news app these days.

In the era of post truth and fake news I’ve decided to rely more on my own intuition. By observing things from my experiences, speaking to friends, and networking with different professionals – it’s possible to get an idea of the ‘real world’ situation at this moment in time.

The bigger picture

My university degree was in Economics, but it doesn’t take long to just look at history and see two things:

1) Over centuries our living standards always go up.

There’s never been a safer, more prosperous time to live. If you dig for real data you’ll see that the negative effects of crime, disease and poverty are down. Also that leisure time, technology innovations and total wealth are all up (distribution of that wealth is another conversation).

2) Over decades there’s the same cycle occurring.

As an economy gains momentum and particularly has more confidence, it grows. Companies invest more in technology and labour, creating more jobs. With more employment, higher wages, and a feeling of security people spend more. This in turn grows both the private and public sectors (public sector from all the corporate, income, and consumer taxes). So public spending increases too. It’s all very rosy.

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