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Eileen Grubba
Eileen Grubba

Fighting Cancer

I’ve had Cancer!

And I am making sure it never returns!!

Here are my views, thoughts, hopes and very real ways to beat Cancer!!

To starve the cancer!!

To make sure you win the fight against cancer!!

This is the battle plan I send to cancer patients to get them started on a new way of eating, and thinking. Hope it helps!

Cancer Warrior Info:

We’ve figured out how to turn this disease around, stop it in it’s tracks, but you have to get your body fighting WITH you, and get your spirit fighting FOR you! These links will give you hope and the info you need to live!

I believe the first step is to realize you CAN win, and then make the decision to do whatever it takes. Most people don’t know where to start, so I am happy to share what has worked for me, and so many of my friends and loved ones since. People who follow this 100% are gaining their health back!

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