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Comic Relief bake-off by three blind mice

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Highlight of the month was taxi driver John putting on Comic Relief red glasses and nose to cook alongside me for a special Baking Blind fundraising episode. Comic Relief bake-off by three blind mice.

He went above and beyond the call of duty: using mostly obscured glasses to get a better idea of cooking blind like me.  Brave to try in the first place, braver still to do it on camera with a silly nose too– what a star!

We raised over £150 with our American-themed bakes: chewy chocolate cookies, wicked pecan pie, sesame bagels plus more English trays of flapjacks.   Heaven only knows how many calories went in to it all!

These are all straightforward bakes although measuring syrup and handling a pastry case full of sugary mix are both hazardously sticky if you’re blind.  I should have weighed out the balls of cookie dough in to more consistent sizes – but they still tasted good.

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