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Who Cares? by Martyn Sibley

I usually like to start the week on a light hearted, leisurely and lovely vibe. Unfortunately there’s an ongoing problem that has become too frustrating to ignore. The topic Who Cares? by Martyn Sibley Show You Careof care!

Ever since I was born I’ve not been able to walk. Moreover I’ve always needed help to turn at night, get dressed, use the toilet, go in the shower, cook food, and so on. My mum and dad did this until I was 19, as well as some of the amazing assistants at school.

When I finally went to university in Coventry I was provided with a budget from my Local Authority. It’s known as a Direct Payment. I have a separate bank account for the funds, and employ the care services relevant for my needs. Independently. So at university the funds ensured I had a team of people providing 24/7 care.

It was scary. It was nerve wrecking. It was necessary. University opened up the world to me. I studied interesting things, met people from around the world, learned to drive, partied hard, and graduated into a job and a new chapter in London.


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