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Articles by Martyn Sibley

Articles by Martyn SibleyWe have added 2 new interesting articles by Martyn Sibley

Sci Fi Inclusion

I’m sat writing this in the garden of the house I grew up in. It’s always nice to come home and switch off from the day to day chores. I can’t believe it’s nearly September though. This year has been a rollercoaster, full of media and political drama. Fortunately the world is still full of amazing people and great moments!

I’ve had a few micro concerns to deal with, mostly from the daily grind of my mission. You know the mission around changing the world to be more inclusive. For over 7 years now I’ve been involved in projects for disabled people:

– My blog provides a personal insight into the juggling act of living independently, and the great possibilities available to disabled people IF we are fully supported.

– Disability Horizons showcases the lifestyle opportunities that are available, and shares tips on how to grab them.

– Accessible Traveller was a huge success in giving disabled people specific information and great discounts for tourism. More news to come on this in September, as we’re expanding into other topic areas!

– Disability United is our new campaigning website for accessing your basic needs with a disability.

– I’ve also started working with bigger organisations on how they can be more inclusive with their offerings and in their marketing communications.

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Accessible Llamas in Germany

It’s been a few weeks since arriving home from our trip. My last travel post was from Poland and amongst the beautiful nature. After a couple more days with Kasia’s family we headed westwards for our next cool project. This time with the German tourist board.

Within an hour we were near Berlin. The first thing that strikes you in Germany is how efficient the roads are. On the autobahn (motorway) there’s less restrictions on speed. Which does sound scary, but actually works very well. With a good soundtrack or audio book, and roadtrip snacks; we ticked off the next couple of hours very quickly.

As we turned off of the main roads and arrived in the region of Lower Saxony, we were struck by the beautiful nature. There was lots of green scenery and water flowing amongst it. After around 4 or 5 hours of driving we arrived in Bad Bevensen. Our home for the next couple of days.

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