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Amy gives her advice on preparing for a hospital stay

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be talking about how to prepare for a hospital stay.

Little me-I’d only ever had one operation in this pic!
Little me-I’d only ever had one operation in this pic!

An upcoming stay in hospital can be a very nerve racking, daunting experience for people of any age so I’m going to try my best to include tips and information that will hopefully help you or maybe someone you know!

I have spent a lot of my childhood in hospital for surgery including my amputation at age 8.. I’ve tried my best to look back and remember things I enjoyed that helped me at the time or things that I would’ve found helpful but didn’t do! I hope this post helps people now and in the future prepare themselves for a hospital stay!

Bring small personal items to make the hospital feel more like home:
Bringing small things from home can really help make the hospital seem like a much comfier and more relaxing place to be in.
Something incredibly lovely I remember about one of my own hospital stays is another family on the ward buying me a teddy bear as a gift – It was so kind and It really did make my hospital bed feel more like my own.
Some ideas of things you could bring are:
A pillowcase from home, a cushion, your favourite book, a portable gaming console, family photo albums, a diary – it all depends on what you’re interested in!

Arrange visits beforehand:
It’s a good idea to let your family and friends know the exact dates and times they will be able to visit you during your hospital stay. You can plan and arrange with each of them when is best for them to visit you – this way they have you ‘in their diary’ as such, so you will definitely be getting visits which will help your well being in hospital tremendously. When I was a child in hospital visits from my family members really cheered me up and made the days go so much quicker!

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