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2 New Articles by Martyn Sibley

Tony Heaton – Activism Through Art

Buckle up guys. Episode 3 with Tony Heaton is a long one. The stories told by the CEO of Shape Arts were too good to cut them short. Plus Tony’s lust for life shines the whole way through our interview.

Martyn Sibley - Travel
Martyn Sibley

I first met Tony when I was looking to leave Scope after 5 years there. A job was going at Shape Arts for their marketing manager. In my late 20’s it was a big jump, with lots of responsibility. Unfortunately I didn’t get the job, but Tony had wanted to give me the role. So much so he wrote a handwritten letter of encouragement for my future.

A true gentleman.

Over the years Tony has managed music bands, studied at art school, fought for disability rights, and managed high impact organisations. His biggest claim to fame is being commissioned for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to create a sculpture. Not to forget his Queens honour too.

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Sunny Rehabilitation at VinterSol

For regular readers of my blog, you’ll know about my love affair with Tenerife. On my recent trip I obviously experienced the old favourites. The warm sun, the sea views, the vibrant surroundings. However I also experienced something completely new. You’re going to be as surprised and delighted as I was!

Vintersol rehabilitation clinic is situated about as close as you can get to the accessible beach – playa las vistas. I’d zoomed past it on many walks before, and wondered what was happening inside. After all, a clinic on the beach front had some mystery around it.

After a good flight and accessible transfer from Tenerife airport, Kasia and I checked in to the hotel. Our first impressions were really positive. It was bright and open. Everywhere was wheelchair accessible. The staff were very welcoming.

Our room had a ceiling hoist that lifted me up and down, moved left to right, and down the length of the room. In essence the hoist could reach every part of the room. The beds were electric. In the bathroom there was a spacious wetroom shower. I’d brought my toilet/shower chair, but Vintersol provide them also. Even the sink and toilet could be lowered and raised by hand controlled buttons.

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